Footstep Planning with Encoded Linear Temporal Logic Specifications

Published in arxiv, 2020

This article presents an approach to encode Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) Specifications into a Mixed Integer Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Program (MIQCQP) footstep planner. We propose that the integration of LTL specifications into the planner not only facilitates safe and desirable locomotion between obstacle-free regions, but also provides a rich language for high-level reasoning in contact planning. Simulations of the footstep planner in a 2D environment satisfying encoded LTL specifications demonstrate the results of this research.

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Honors Thesis

Published in Texas ScholarWorks, UT Austin, 2020

My undergraduate honors thesis, which considers the modeling, control and path planning of wheeled mobile robots with four Centered Orientable Conventional (COC) wheels

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Instantaneous Center of Rotation-Based Master-Slave Kinematic Modeling and Control

Published in ASME 2019 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, 2019

This article presents a novel kinematic model and controller design for a mobile robot with four Centered Orientable Conventional (COC) wheels. When compared to non-conventional wheels, COC wheels perform better over rough terrain, are not subject to vertical chatter and offer better braking capability. However, COC wheels are pseudo-omnidirectional and subject to nonholonomic constraints. Several established modeling and control techniques define and control the Instantaneous Center of Rotation (ICR); however, this method involves singular configurations that are not trivial to eliminate. The proposed method uses a novel ICR-based kinematic model to avoid these singularities, and an ICR-based nonlinear controller for one ‘master’ wheel. The other ‘slave’ wheels simply track the resulting kinematic relationships between the ‘master’ wheel and the ICR. Thus, the nonlinear control problem is reduced from 12th to 3rd-order, becoming much more tractable. Simulations with a feedback linearization controller verify the approach.

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