Programmed an interpreter to play around with FRACTRAN, Conway’s Turing-complete esoteric programming language.

Self-Powered Flow Rate Sensor

The purpose of this project was to design a self-powered flow velocity sensor. The sensor is different from state-of-the-art implementations of flow rate sensing in that the mechanical design is not only smaller but also optimized for a larger range of flow velocity measurements. The sensor is also able to rectify input voltage signals, charge a battery, power an Arduino and have the ability to be calibrated easily. While this sensor is designed for civil applications (plumbing and piping systems), the mechanical design could be very easily altered to accommodate for flow sensing in water bodies (rivers, ocean currents, etc).

Stealthy Path Planning

This was a toy problem that investigated the development of a stealthy search algorithm that minimizes exposure of the object under consideration to ‘areas of consequence’ on the grid. Areas of consequence could range from capture zones in games to operational range of missiles and mines. In this solution, I elected to use a cost minimizing algorithm, specifically, A* search with a custom-made heuristic. This heuristic evaluates the minimum Euclidean distance to an obstacle on the grid from the node under study and then subtracts it from the Euclidean distance to the destination node. The result is assigned to the priority of the node in the priority queue used in the A* search.